Cath Simard

Canadian-born photographer, digital artist, and educator.

Canmore, Canada

Jardin Secret
Le Chemin De Vie
Nuit Blanche
Gnossienne No.1
See You On The Other Side
Chez Moi
Lunar Solipsism
Déjà Vu
Energy is Us and All
Diamonds in the sky
The Portal
Clair de Lune


Rooted in an immense passion for the outdoors and wilderness, Cath Simard mostly captures the world as little pieces of a puzzle and brings them together into iconic composite images that often leave her audience breathless as they question their own sense of perspective and reality. Her work has been featured and shared millions of times on social media and featured in publications like Sony Alpha Universe, DP Review, Art of Visuals, Open Skies Magazine, and Outdoor Photography Magazine.

Cath leads multi-day workshops and expeditions in places like Patagonia, The Andes, Iceland, and the Canadian Rockies while sharing her work on her art with her audience. Cath is currently one of the top NFT artists in the world with notable NFT releases such as the controversial Free Hawaii Photo and her composite piece ‘‘Continuum’’, which was auctioned at Sotheby’s.

Due to the nature of her work, Cath only releases 5-7 artworks per year. Each image is the result of hundreds of kilometers hiked, days exploring the wilderness, and hours spent creating behind the computer. For Cath, art gives her a true sense of purpose and self-expression. With her work, she wishes to inspire others to break out of their own comfort zone and explore a world of endless possibilities.


Cath Simard
Cath Simard

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