It is summer solstice. Nights are brief, faded. The world cherishes the warm light. But living in the darkness are the Nocturnals. Nights are suspended in time, between dusk and dawn. Morphed into an obscure and puzzling state. You can only fathom the outline of the landscape. But the Nocturnals are awake. Claiming the moon over the sun. They are members of twilight. Living in a somber and vast land. They are ghosts emerging from the moonlight. The morning light paints their granite walls. Nocturnals glow pink and vanish as the sun rises. Dormant at day, waiting for nightfall. Mountains are the beings of the night, alive. The artwork was created for the 0x Society’s Solstice exhibition. – The first collector of this NFT will receive an Infinite Object or a signed physical print of the image with a certificate of authenticity.


June 20, 2021 Minted: @cathsimard
July 10, 2021 Purchased for 5.550Ξ: @rongoo
May 29, 2022 Purchased for 20Ξ: @batsoupyum