exploring the unknown

The Spiral
Learning to Let Go
A Lonely Mans Last Day
Far From Home
Quantum Entanglement
Reach for the stars
the boy who dreamed he could fly
the outcast
Simulation Theory
Leap of Faith
doors of perception
always absent
abstractions of the mind
sleep paralysis
detachment from reality
without you
synopsis of a dream
Allegory of a lost soul
the odyssey of self reflection


Photon Tide also known as Pho is a mixed-media artist known for his psychedelic and experimental art style. Pho explores the limits of human consciousness with his dream-inspired series as well as human emotions and what it means to feel.

Pho wants you to not fear what is inside your mind but to embrace it, his artworks have been exhibited in NFT-NYC as well as Art Basel. Pho has also sold on multiple crypto-native platforms such as Foundation, Superrare, and most recently through his own contract on Manifold.