Bella Vita by NYG

Nude Yoga Girl (NYG) is an artist renowned for blending digital and traditional mediums. In “Bella Vita,” a departure from her usual style, NYG expresses her artistic evolution, influenced by her Italian experiences, and her recent venture into physical art.

The “Bella Vita” collection reflects NYG’s intuitive and abstract approach, inspired by memories of family dinners in Northern Italy. A series of oil and acrylic paintings, her transition to physical art stems from the pandemic, showcasing a meditative and liberating creative process. The incorporation of oil pastels in the paintings adds unique textures, symbolizing life’s chaos and harmony.

Italy remains a central theme in NYG’s upcoming works, with a focus on the human body, emotions, naturalness, and historical elements. Her career trajectory was shaped by prioritizing passion and happiness, emphasizing trying, experiencing, and building a supportive community during challenging times.

NYG’s principles include recognizing strengths and weaknesses, practicing self-acceptance, and valuing open discussions. As NYG explores new artistic realms, she envisions the continued interplay of yoga, art, and beliefs on self-acceptance, weaving her personal story into each creation.



The Canvas of Life: A Conversation with Nude Yoga Girl

Framing + Shipping

Custom made double frame combination chosen by the artist. Signed on the front and dated on the back of the artwork. Additional spacing on the back of the frame to allow air to circulate for maximum preservation of the painting.

The chosen museum quality glass eliminates reflections and prevents UV ray degradation of paint while providing optimal light transmission to brighten colors. The enhanced surface is 2.5mm thick for strength and rigidity, while remaining highly durable and easy to clean. No ripple or “orange peel” effects present, and engineered for permanence.

The Hangers (metal brackets) are attached on the back of the frame in both upper corners. Place the hangers on small screws on the wall. 1-2 screws on both corners. Multiple notches in the hangers allow for multiple positioning points.

Each paintings is shipped in a custom made wooden case. International express shipping worldwide.

All included. There are no additional costs for the collector.