Exploring Lines and Machines

Montreal, Canada

The 99th Floor


Marcel Giannoccaro, better known as “Strano”, is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist who meticulously sculpts light and shapes, crafting time and space.

After completing a degree in Visual Arts and New Technologies in college, Strano pursued university studies in design and marketing. Now co-director of a video production company, he is both an entrepreneur and a digital artist.

Highly active on social media and the so-called “web3 space”, he offers collectors the opportunity to acquire his digital works as NFTs. His artworks have been exhibited at the Larsen Warner gallery in Stockholm, auctioned at Sotherby’s Metaverse, displayed on the screens of the Shibuya Crossing, and much more.

Strano draws inspiration from a wide range of disciplines, including architecture, photography, cinema, and sculpture. Brutalism, black and white, film noir, and minimalism are particularly present influences in his work.

He also creates physical works using a pen plotter. With this robotic arm, he produces drawings with intricate lines that could not be executed manually. Some of these line works have an animation version linked to them, making a parallel between digital and physical art.

His creations, whether physical or virtual, static or animated, are characterized by a monochrome aesthetic, play of contrasts and lights, as well as the use of mise-en-abîme, patterns, and imperceptible loops.




Whispers & Closed Doors