Artists in Residence

AOTM Artists in Residence Program: AiR II

AOTM Artists in Residence (AiR) invites a select group of non-roster artists to join the AOTM ecosystem on a quarterly basis.

Structured in regular sessions of career and curatorial development with the AOTM community, each term will culminate in a digital exhibition sale via AOTM featuring new artworks created by the residents. Artworks created by the residents will also enter the AOTM Collection by exchange.

AiR allows AOTM to continue on its mission to push digital art forward by taking on a more active role in the cultivation and development of different creative voices, building community, and expanding the definition of a gallery in the digital art sphere, and beyond.

The concept behind AiR relates back to AOTM’s namesake, Peggy Guggenheim’s groundbreaking Art of This Century, a hybrid art gallery, art collection, museum, and meeting place for New York’s avant-garde during the 1940s.

The artists, artworks, and ideas that gathered at Art of This Century would go on to have an indelible impact on the modern and contemporary art world, and culture at large. AOTM honors this legacy of impactful community building, patronage, and creative exchange through its AiR initiative.

The residents of AiR II are: Socmplxd, Strano, and Yosnier.


SOCMPLXD is a Taiwanese-American artist currently living and working in Los Angeles. A multidisciplinary artist, SOCMPLXD has extensive experience in both film and fine art, utilizing a variety of traditional and digital mediums in the creative process.

“My current body of work centers on contemporary still life and scenes, drawing inspiration from a mix of traditional, pop, and internet culture. Emphasizing staging and lighting, my approach is rooted in my background as a set designer. Stylistically, my work is influenced by a variety of elements including Anime, classical Western art, and modern art. I consider the use of sharp and clean graphic shapes as both traditional and fundamental within the digital medium.”


Artists in Residence

Art of this Millenium and Art in this Time: The Inaugural AOTM Artists in Residence Program


Marcel Giannoccaro, better known as “Strano”, is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist who meticulously sculpts light and shapes, crafting time and space.

After completing a degree in Visual Arts and New Technologies in college, Strano pursued university studies in design and marketing. Now co-director of a video production company, he is both an entrepreneur and a digital artist.

Highly active on social media and the so-called “web3 space”, he offers collectors the opportunity to acquire his digital works as NFTs. His artworks have been exhibited at the Larsen Warner gallery in Stockholm, auctioned at Sotherby’s Metaverse, displayed on the screens of the Shibuya Crossing, and much more.

Strano draws inspiration from a wide range of disciplines, including architecture, photography, cinema, and sculpture. Brutalism, black and white, film noir, and minimalism are particularly present influences in his work.

He also creates physical works using a pen plotter. With this robotic arm, he produces drawings with intricate lines that could not be executed manually. Some of these line works have an animation version linked to them, making a parallel between digital and physical art.

His creations, whether physical or virtual, static or animated, are characterized by a monochrome aesthetic, play of contrasts and lights, as well as the use of mise-en-abîme, patterns, and imperceptible loops.

“My artistic practice explores the complex relationship between humans and machines, highlighting their strengths and fears. The essence of my work lies in developing a visual language that invites reflection and contemplation through enigmatic, dream-like animations.”

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AOTM Presents: AiR II with Socmplxd, Strano, and Yosnier


Yosnier is a digital artist based in Tampa, Florida. Their work is inspired by the varying degrees of love, growth, and self-development through life experiences Yosnier’s work relies on the contrast of pastel color palettes and thick, dark outlines, resulting in compositions that recall stained glass.

Yosnier’s work is spiritual, depicting the complexities of pain, love, resilience, and joy through soft luminosity. Their work also incorporates themes relating to tarot cards, astrology, and celestial bodies. Yosnier employs their own visual vocabulary, often returning to common motifs drawn from tarot cards, astrology, and celestial bodies.These motifs appear regularly throughout their practice and speak to each other from piece-to-piece,with many pieces of their identity scattered throughout each work. Yosnier enjoys tackling the many layers that contribute to their very existence, letting their mind and vision run free.

Yosnier’s work has appeared at Christie’s, SuperRare, NFTNow, Scope Art Fair Miami Beach, and the Orlando Museum of Art (as part of the 2023 Florida Prize for Contemporary Art), among others.

“My work serves as a reflection of the soul. It is an open window. A passageway for growth. I’ve spent most of my life drowned in sorrow, aided by self-isolation. I find myself deep in metamorphosis, trying to understand the concept of life, death, and rebirth. The pieces I create are filled with symbolism and metaphors; washed in my own interpretation of religion and belief. The creation, maintenance, and unstoppable destruction of love are served as the main dish, with growth and self-actualization as the side. The beauty in suffering and the agonizing feeling of loneliness is what I try my best to depict.”