I spent 4 years exploring the wildest and most remote corners of the earth. I chased the newness, the unfamiliar, and the undiscovered all while running away from home. Home, Québec, was associated with the pain and negativity of my past. Home was that dark place where colors don’t exist, and life is stuck in an infinite loop of grey. Coming back home with a well-traveled mind made me realize that travel isn’t a place. It is seeing what’s right in front of you from a new perspective. No matter how far and for how long you go, home is always within you. You cannot run away from yourself. With this new perspective and this feeling of wanderlust, I decided to take a road trip to visit one of Quebec’s icons, the Rocher Percé, traditionally called ‘’Sigsôg‘’ by the Miꞌkmaq. Suddenly, colors seemed more vibrant, the smell of the ocean pulled me in, and every detail of the landscape seemed more interesting. This new appreciation for my own land, and my own roots, transformed me and helped me reconcile my past. // This is Chez Moi.


March 16, 2022 Minted: @cathsimard