Curiosité is part of Cath Simard’s genesis NFT collection “Lumière du Noir” - A metaphor for being stuck in a very dark place, a place of comfort and apathy, but finally discovering the possibilities of the world outside of your comfort zone, a world of light and potential. This image represents the drive of my own curiosity, encouraging me to overcome my mental limitations and break out of my comfort zone. Once you replace fear with curiosity, it becomes the motor driving you towards great achievements. This expedition opened the doors to all the rooms of anxiety, fear, uncertainty and self-doubt I had in my own head. While back in Iceland, I heard about ‘’Treasure Island’’, an ice cave located in the middle of Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier. Finding the location required a glacier guide to hand draw a map based on information from other local guides. We set off at sunset with crampons and helmets, our hand-drawn map, and the relentless drive of my own curiosity to visit this mystical location in the darkness. The disappearing light, the piercing sound of the glacier cracking and the feeling of being lost in an endless frozen landscape was only subdued by the relief and peace of finally arriving at the remote cave and capturing myself in this otherworldly blue universe. A reminder that curiosity is a vessel to the possibilities and adventures of the ‘’Now’’. - The first collector of this NFT will receive a signed physical print of the image with a certificate of authenticity. The size of the print will be determined by the collector and Cath after the purchase is complete.


June 4, 2021 Minted: @cathsimard
July 1, 2021 Purchased for 4.500Ξ: @auregimon