Sam Spratt

NYC-based artist creating Luci, a story about our path out.

New York City, NY

IX. The Monument Game
VIII. Infinite Ceremony
VII. Wormfood
VI. The Muck
V. Map to Wander
IV. Return to Diorama
The Blueprint Skull
III. First Sacrifice
II. Lullabies for Isaac
I. Birth of Luci


Sam Spratt is a New York-based artist working out of his studio in the city. Sam’s pursuit is to make human art with human values about our stumbles, realizations, and fight to engage in a shared reality as the future accelerates and our definitions abstract within it. Through classical painting techniques brought into the digital network, he aims to bridge the physical and digital, removing the perceived increments that make them appear as separate worlds. Skeuomorphic outputs with the feel of the familiar to help take the steps into what’s to come.

Currently, he is working on his series, LUCI which debuted in October 2021 and most recently was auctioned at Christie’s. LUCI is a search for a feeling that is as ancient as it is futuristic—something true in us regardless of time, circumstance, or interpretation.

Sam’s goal is to create like a reporter, sharing feelings from a reality under and above our own. Folding journal entries across time & location, feelings of memories once disconnected & dream-like: sorted and made coherent. LUCI is a collection of spiritual works. But these are not expressions or spontaneous bouts of creativity. They are extractions. Made with labor, love, & time–with the belief that the felt bits of art aren’t found in a perfect image, but in the flawed human attempt to try to create it. To pull a complicated feeling out of yourself & see if someone can feel it too has little to do with image-making & everything to do with growth.



Sam Spratt
Sam Spratt


Sam Spratt
Sam Spratt

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