La Divina Commedia

Introducing ‘La Divina Commedia: A Contemporary Journey’

Bonapace announces the release of his new triptych that reimagines one of the most cherished literary masterpieces of all time: ‘La Divina Commedia.’ 

Inferno. Purgatorio. Paradiso.

Bonapace has embarked on a creative endeavor to present Dante Alighieri‘s timeless epic in a contemporary light, offering a fresh perspective on this beloved classic. In his artistic interpretation, Bonapace delves deep into the intricacies of Dante’s infernal journey, drawing inspiration from the profound symbolism within the text. 

One unique element he introduces is the presence of masks, worn by the characters in the Inferno, serving as a symbolic representation of their desire to conceal their sins and past transgressions. These masks become a visual metaphor, highlighting the way humanity often hides its flaws and seeks to avoid confronting its true nature.

As the story progresses into Purgatory, we witness a gradual transformation. The characters, burdened with their sins, begin to shed their masks, revealing their vulnerabilities and embracing the process of purification. With each step, Bonapace’s artwork reflects the characters’ inner growth, capturing their journey toward redemption and self-discovery.

As the journey ascends to Heaven, a breathtaking shift occurs. The masks vanish entirely, representing the ultimate liberation from sin. In this heavenly realm, the characters are free from the weight of their past mistakes, fully embracing their true selves. 

Bonapace’s artistry brings this transformation to life, evoking a sense of awe and enlightenment as we witness the characters’ newfound purity and serenity. While exploring the metaphorical journey of the soul, Bonapace does not overlook the physicality of the characters. Inspired by the nuances of Dante’s vivid descriptions, the artist pays meticulous attention to their attire. Adorned in elegant garments, they dress themselves to honor the beauty and dignity of the human form, reflecting the deep respect for the body as a vessel for the spirit. 

“La Divina Commedia” by Vittorio Bonapace is an artistic venture that seamlessly blends the past and the present, intertwining classical literature with modern sensibilities. 

Through his visually captivating and thought-provoking interpretation, Bonapace invites us to reevaluate our own journeys, reflecting on the masks we wear and the freedom that comes with shedding them.

La Divina Commedia


'La Divina Commedia' is a journey through three realms, masterfully reimagined by Vittorio Bonapace, where classical literature is infused with contemporary insight, breathing life into the transformative journey of the soul.

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Harmonizing Past and Future: A Journey through the Artistic Landscape of Vittorio Bonapace