i do art.

Tehran, Iran

Coronation of the Outlaw King.
The Tempest.
The One
The Pretenders
The Silent
Dystract VII
The Little Black Fish
The Shadow Rebel
The Ministry of Truth
The Public Trial of an Ordinary Man.
Dystract VIII
The Rebel Queen
The Heart of Darkness.
The Rebel Fighter
Rebel Nights
Dystopian Days


C3 is an Iranian political artist who creates protest art. Most of his pieces are rooted in true stories where he documents ongoing moments in history to give a glimpse into life in modern Iran. He has reimagined the world around us and calls it a Dystopia: it is a world created under a dictatorship rule. Originally a traditional artist, C3 is now a digital artist who uses a geometric, minimalist style and characters called the “Dystopians” to visualize his message.