All Seeing Seneca

Visual artist best known for her paintings and characters of “cosmic horror and candyland”. She also made an ape once.


Perils of Sēsē
Portrait of Endure
Portrait of Persist
Portrait of Emergence
Portrait of Invocation
Can I be M0ther?
Evil Cute Rises


Visual artist All Seeing Seneca is best known for her paintings and characters of “cosmic horror and candyland”.

Rolling Stone magazine stated her “creativity helped fuel a technological revolution,” lauding her contributions as lead designer of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which rocked the NFT world as soon as they launched in April 2021. Her images have since sold at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, with secondary sales amassing 1 billion. The ape character became the center heart of a massive cultural community. But All Seeing Seneca’s story is a continuum, beginning long before that and extending into an upwardly trending future. Once a quiet kid living in her daydreams, she later studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and dedicated herself to a career in picture making. Her practice landed her a commercial clientele while her own paintings and illustrations gathered prestigious awards and exhibited in international shows such as The Armory in New York, and her first solo auction of a series of works with Phillips auction house. All Seeing Seneca’s most ambitious digital art series release thus far, “Perils of Sēsē”, sold out in under ten minutes and is her first foray into generative art via her voice.

Since leaving the BAYC project and under a guise of partial anonymity, All Seeing Seneca’s work has continued to accrue accolades, soaking up the media spotlight, like being declared one of Coindesk’s “Most Influential Figures of 2021”. Her work emerges with muted, yet illuminating palettes and expressions of surrealism, inspired by her love for the macabre, animation, and cinematic storytelling.