Joe Pease

Using filmmaking techniques to create complex digital artworks.

California, United States

Smoke Break
Out of Time
Breathe It In


Joe Pease is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in Australia and now resides in Southern California. He is widely known for his unique ability to capture the frighteningly absurd and oddly familiar reality of the human experience.

Joe’s work as a video artist is particularly remarkable, as he has a special talent for creating a slightly nightmarish reality with a wonderful juxtaposition of strangeness. His pieces are better experienced than described, as he has a knack for crafting a hypnotic cocktail that immerses the viewer in a world that is both surreal and captivating.

Despite having no formal training, Joe has gained recognition for his ability to blend elements of nature, architecture, and urban landscapes into his work. He often incorporates bold colors, intricate patterns, and reoccurring elements, resulting in visually stunning and emotionally impactful pieces.

Joe’s art reflects his deep curiosity about the world and his desire to explore the mysteries of the human psyche. His ability to tap into the subconscious mind and create works that evoke both fear and wonder is a testament to his talent as an artist.



Joe Pease
Joe Pease

Urban Psyche

Joe Pease
Joe Pease

AOTM Artist Showcase