Amaan Jahangir

UK-based painter and mixed-media artist, exploring the intricate facets of the human condition and cultural narratives through vibrant color choices and text.

United Kingdom

in the garden
the illusion of heaven


Amaan Jahangir is a UK-based figurative painter and digital artist with a BA in Art from Reading University.

Jahangir explores nuanced communication, drawing inspiration from various contemporary cultural sources, history, and religion. Jahangir incorporates symbolism as deliberately subjective, inviting viewers to actively engage with his work and to project their desires and anxieties. Vibrant colors and dynamic brush strokes convey immediate passion, reflecting life’s chaos while recalling the chronological style of ancient tapestries.

Since 2017, Jahangir has participated in exhibitions at Ikon Gallery(2021), Eastside Projects (2023), among numerous other galleries, and has presented two self-funded pop-up shows – ‘Everything to Get Away’ (2018) and ‘Millennium of a Moment’ (2019).  Most recently, he was awarded a fully funded artist studio space and residency at Grand Union, Birmingham, UK. His work has received the online attention of critics such as Jerry Saltz, and world-renowned institutions such as Tate Modern, London.



Amaan Jahangir
Amaan Jahangir

Artists in Residence: AiR I