Ethiopian family art collective led by Kiya Tadele.


Euryale – Andromeda of Aethiopia
Stheno – Andromeda of Aethiopia
The End of Innocence
The Birth of Adam
The Garden of Eden
Queen of Sheba – Profile
Mother of Menelik
Adwa Fighter
Gudit – Portrait
King Lalibela
Gift of Frankincense
Medusa – Andromeda of Aethiopia
Royal Armada of Aethiopia
The Sacrifice of Andromeda
Cetus Versus Perseus
STRONG HAIR : 001 : ፩
STRONG HAIR : 016 : ፲፮
STRONG HAIR : 025 : ፳፭
STRONG HAIR : 014 : ፲፬
STRONG HAIR : 041 : ፵፩
STRONG HAIR : 079 : ፸፱
STRONG HAIR : 021 : ፳፩
Arsi Oromo, Devotion
Amhara, Lion’s Roar


Yatreda ያጥሬዳ  is a family of artists from Ethiopia creating in the style of tizita– nostalgia for the past. Led by Kiya Tadele, the group creates artwork which balances the new, like blockchain technology, with the old, preserving classic legends of historical and cultural significance. This blend suggests the timeline of African history doesn’t simply end, and the stories are not finished. Yatreda is about rediscovering Africa’s original self.