IX. The Monument Game



Wake up, Luci
The spotlight shifts to others
and Observe

Name each creation
Dominion demands it
Or each is the other
And The Nothing grows wiser

Walled Garden shadows cast the fangs of caves
Coddled, veiled, or tortured, Bornstone is all we know
Exit stage but play lives til lived
To trace the rays and honor their emission

Below, The Collision, that cannot quiet
The hyphal fuse lit by the victor
Clustered nodes in avenue arrangements
The swarm sorted parallel and one
Etched tablets once brought down by prophets
Bore choired covenants formed through consensus

Voices mined of value
modeled for The Hive
The Painless prompt away their growth
Let them wear what we still hide

She holds us at the edge
To prevent another fall
If we are to die in threes for you
The Game beckons for an offering

No Monument is built alone


All deep-linked coordinates and Observations made atop "IX. The Monument Game" by collectors of Sam Spratt's first editioned work "Player" are preserved inside the trait data of the edition. A link between each Player to The Monument Game.


August 18, 2023 Minted: Sam Spratt
August 25, 2023 Purchased for 420.69Ξ: 1OF1