genuine master of the arts.

Florida, USA


Yosnier is a digital artist based in Tampa, Florida. Their work is inspired by the varying degrees of love, growth, and self-development through life experiences Yosnier’s work relies on the contrast of pastel color palettes and thick, dark outlines, resulting in compositions that recall stained glass.

Yosnier’s work is spiritual, depicting the complexities of pain, love, resilience, and joy through soft luminosity. Their work also incorporates themes relating to tarot cards, astrology, and celestial bodies. Yosnier employs their own visual vocabulary, often returning to common motifs drawn from tarot cards, astrology, and celestial bodies.These motifs appear regularly throughout their practice and speak to each other from piece-to-piece,with many pieces of their identity scattered throughout each work. Yosnier enjoys tackling the many layers that contribute to their very existence, letting their mind and vision run free.

Yosnier’s work has appeared at Christie’s, SuperRare, NFTNow, Scope Art Fair Miami Beach, and the Orlando Museum of Art (as part of the 2023 Florida Prize for Contemporary Art), among others.