Transparent Grit by Dmitri Cherniak #21/75, 1 AP


Artists have been working with code since the 1960s, and within that time frame, code has evolved from languages written by engineers to run on room-sized computers to artist-created coding languages running inside a web browser. In 2021, artists are writing code in many languages and environments; each programming language is like a different material to work with. Social Codes is an exhibition of software art, also called generative art. The work comprises code written by artists to create visual experiences. Some works in the exhibition relate to the visual histories of drawing, painting, animation, and video, but all of it is native digital art, in that each artwork is a performance of code choreographed by the artist. —Casey Reas


February 6, 2022 Minted: dmitricherniak
June 24, 2022 Purchased for 19.99Ξ: Dinosaur