Son of the Century


This is my visual rendition of the poem 'Son of the Century' by Moroccan poet Abdellatif Laâbi.

The imagery, monsters, and characters in this piece are figures and doodles I used to create in my schoolbooks. I decided to bring them to life through painting and animation. They are part of me, part of my mind. I've always been an einzelgänger, but these strange creations have always kept me in good company.

Son of the Century

By Abdellatif Laabi

I am the son of this pitiful century,
the child who never grew up.
Doubts that set my tongue on fire
burned my wings.

I learned to walk,
then I unlearned it.

I grew weary of oases
and camels searching for ruins.

Stretched out across the middle of the road,
my head turned to the East,
I wait for the caravan of fools.

Images and sounds by Pablo E.S. Rijlaarsdam (REY)


September 1, 2021 Minted: @reylarsdam
September 3, 2021 Purchased for 7.77Ξ: @NotTodayNoNoNo