The Gardener and Death


This NFT is titled 'The Gardener and Death' and is my take on the famous poem by Dutch poet P.N. van Eyck ( 1887-1954 ).

The original title of the poem is 'De tuinman en de dood' and it's about a nobleman, his gardener and his encounter with death. The translation of the poem goes something like this:

A Persian Nobleman:

Early this morn, pale with fright, my gardener
hastened into my home and cried: ‘Sir, sir, one moment, please!

Down in the rosary, pruning roses with care,
I turned to look behind me. Death stood there.

I took great fright, and made haste along the other side,
but still, I caught the threatening gesture of his hand.

'Master, your horse! And let me try to get away.
Before the evening in Isfahan I will stay !’-

This afternoon (he'd long since gone his way)
I came across Death down yonder in the cedar glade.

‘Why', I ask, because he stands and waits forlorn,
'Did you come to threaten my gardener this morn'?'

Smiling he answers: 'No threat it was,
wherefore your gardener fled, I was surprised,

That morning here to see still working the man,
I was to fetch that night in Isfahan.'


August 12, 2021 Minted: @reylarsdam
August 13, 2021 Purchased for 9.35Ξ: @nottodaynonono