scorpion princess descending the stairs (living)


"Digital, AI. From the ""secrets are sweetest"" series.

Patron & protector of Pharoahs, Serket (pronounced: circuit) was known as ""she who gives breath"" by devotees. Holding symbols of life & power, her cult was comprised of early physicians, discovering new science & medicine in what they termed ""the necessary art.""

AI is both poison & salve, with opportunity to kill & heal in equal measure. Serket kept watch over the remains of the dead.
AI is rapidly allowing for a simulated immortality, by means of uploading ""digital human remains"" as data footprints to visual chatbots, a conduit to contact lost loved ones. As a circuit moves electrons though a closed loop, Serket guided the dead to the right path along the river of the afterlife.

The questions we must ask are both simple & complex: how wide is the gap between the simulated & the real? What is sacred, inherent to humanity? Is mystery--unknowing--important enough to consider? Let her be a reminder to explore this "necessary art."


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