A robotics classroom controlled by machines and AI lands in 2090, taking place in a classical gallery environment filled with the most renowned statues created by human mankind.

AI is in control of education and it is well-settled in Society.

So deep-rooted that statues are already aesthetically manipulated to their own image and likeness and the androids seem to be threatening the students to follow the rules.

A David and Goliath’s revisited sculpture inspired by Caravaggio stands out in the center of the Artwork, dominating the entire scene as a warning for the young students.

The author aims to bring back to life a glimpse of the real 19th-century school where the common punishment for kids was staying on their knees on chickpeas. This old theme is mixed with a more contemporary topic related to generative and creative AI. All the Artworks in the gallery have been created using AI software.

|| 5200x2914 Pixel On Canvas | Video Loop | Audio


September 2, 2022 Minted: Vittorio Bonapace
September 3, 2022 Purchased for 14Ξ: Antxx