A.D. 2000: Annunciation


Bonapace’s contemporary 'Annunciation' is the second chapter - after the 'Crucifixion' - of a set of three Artworks defined by deep thinking about Human Values, Faith, Society, and Technology.

The Archangel Gabriel, represented as a channel surfing Media trying to take the right frequency, is giving the Announcement to a contemporary Virgin Mary dressed in a tracksuit.

Mary embraces contemporary brands, wearing Adidas and enjoying mindfulness and meditation.

The whole Conception is located in a bunker with a breach in the wall, creating a conceptual bridge with the most recent acts of War and the madness of our times.

Mary is portrayed in the historical colors of many classical Annunciation and the yoga mat is a clear reminder of the historical altar scarves. On a second layer, it's not missing here all the historical and religious details found in the most iconic Annunciation but revised in a contemporary language: The dove, the lily, the Roman triumphal arch, the Jerusalem temple, and the CryptoPunk angel picture - as per God's image on earth.

The music, composed by the Author himself, wants to reflect a state of contradictory feelings, full of pathos, pain, and hope at the same time.

|| The collector will receive the 5K Original Video and a physical counterpart of the Artwork.|| Pixels on Screen | Ultra HD 5200x2814 px | Video Loop | Audio


March 28, 2022 Minted: Vittorio Bonapace
May 7, 2022 Purchased for 10Ξ: Poseidon NFT Fund