le diable aime les cigarettes et l’oxycodone


The devil loves Marlboros and oxycodone. Surprisingly charismatic, his influence can be felt. From the top of the pyramid to its bottom. He wants you to need him. So be careful, his smile hides darker intentions. As time blurs, climbing those stairs. I wish you well, as we let go of each other. Please be careful, the devil loves malboros and oxycodone. On your way up remember that he wishes for your downfall.

Artwork made with digital and analog photographs of mine + archive images and mattes. Experimenting with exposure and chemical alterations, paper layering and paint. Oilstick and acrylic implementation of two canvas made for this particular piece. All physically worked and scanned into the metaverse. This NFT unlocks a thirty minutes video call to discuss my process and inspirations and a DTG Framed Canvas.
The collector will also decide the fate for the left side 48 x 36 canvas. Mint - Burn - Receive Physical.


October 18, 2021 Minted: @tjo
October 19, 2021 Purchased for 8.69Ξ: @radiosolace