Alnitak is my 4th NFT since i joined this amazing space. With this piece i wanted to create something that i thought my inner child would be amazed at. I really wanted to push the boundaries of my heavy detailed oriented style. Zoom in to find the names of my first 3 nft collectors which i cant thank enough for changing my life! & before you ask, yes the movie Alien along with my favorite Nintendo game, Metroid Prime had a huge influence on the making of this piece. The collector of this piece will receive an 18x24 1/1 archival matte print that only they themselves in the world will have. It will come framed.--------Fun Facts about the piece// 6300px x8400px //473 Hours to complete over 4 months //Total strokes made 337791


July 8, 2021 Minted: @zaidkirdsey
August 9, 2021 Purchased for 16Ξ: @soby