Motherhood is a rite of passage, one which can only be truly understood by those who bravely embrace it.

On her journey, Bekelu wears a leather baby carrier, a traditional accessory embraced by Ethiopians throughout history and modern times. It serves a dual purpose; it cradles the child securely, while also liberating the mother's hands, enabling her to fulfill her daily responsibilities. The accompanying umbrella shields both mother and child from the intense sun, a loyal companion whether they are on their way to a community gathering, church, water source, or any other destinations their paths may lead them.

Motion portrait from Yatreda's Tizita ትዝታ collection.

Format: 2160 x 3840 video


September 29, 2023 Minted: Yatreda
September 29, 2023 Purchased for 10Ξ: WoodmereClubCap