Portrait of Emergence


8.3” x 11”, Digital, Animated (2022)

This is an animated digital painting.

This piece is from the body of work “Portraiture by Seneca”. The work is the artists’ depiction of the stages of invocation, emergence, endurance, and persistence. Each piece detailing a presence in one’s self that is ultimately manifested by the artists’ dream-like imagery. These works invoke a feeling of something cosmic, something beyond ourselves - and yet a tenderness shows through. The audience will notice sometimes the familiar figure of a young child will show up amidst the surrealism. Seneca continues to push and develop her visual vocabulary of her own metaphorical creatures in this new body of work.


November 25, 2022 Minted: All Seeing Seneca
December 2, 2022 Purchased for $25,200: 0x39d2c8b3d2B2a7da56eEFbC3588B3F08E97DEdB8