The Cycles of Creation: omentejovem’s ‘Ups and Downs’ and the Art of Embracing Change

This critique delves into omentejovem’s latest artwork, ‘Ups and Downs,’ exploring how the Brazilian artist's personal nostalgia and the cultural significance of McDonald's interplay with the volatile nature of the cryptoart world. It examines the cycles of change that influence his creative process and the broader thematic elements of his work. Through this lens, we uncover the resilience and adaptability that define omentejovem’s artistic journey and the poignant, multifaceted narratives embedded in his creations.

Mc Moon omentejovem, 2023

omentejovem, the pseudonym of Brazilian artist Thales Machado, has firmly established himself as a pioneer in the Brazilian cryptoart ecosystem. Born in 2001, Machado’s work is known for its vibrant use of color and deeply personal narratives. His latest piece, ‘Ups and Downs,’ presented through AOTM, continues this tradition, blending personal nostalgia with broader cultural and economic commentary. This critique explores how omentejovem’s experiences and reflections shape his creative process and the thematic richness of his art.


A Nostalgic Palette: The McDonald’s Symbolism

‘Ups and Downs’ emerges from the design roots of ‘The Moon,’ itself a descendant of ‘Late Night Love,’ a one-of-one piece created during a trip to São Paulo and minted on SuperRare. The inspiration for ‘Ups and Downs’ is deeply personal: omentejovem’s childhood memories of McDonald’s as a rare and magical treat. In Brazil, where economic constraints make such experiences less common, McDonald’s symbolizes a fleeting joy and a taste of the unattainable. This contrasts starkly with perceptions in wealthier nations, highlighting the varied cultural significance of the fast-food giant.

The Moon omentejovem, 2022

omentejovem acknowledges the criticisms of McDonald’s regarding health and consumption but embraces the positive impact it had on his childhood. He states, “I was also heavily influenced by crypto culture about McDonald’s and how it somehow says something bad. Here in Brazil, to most people, eating at McDonald’s is a big win.” This duality of perspectives adds layers to ‘Ups and Downs,’ reflecting both personal nostalgia and a critique of consumer culture.

Late Night Love omentejovem, 2021

Embracing Cycles: The Creative Process and Crypto Culture

Central to omentejovem’s work is the concept of cycles—personal, financial, and universal. He candidly discusses the fluctuations in his creative process, driven by changes in mood, financial success, and the need to find joy in his work. “One thing that really impacts my creative process is myself, and how I need to filter the noise more,” he explains. This self-awareness and constant adaptation are crucial to his artistic journey, echoing the volatile nature of the cryptoart world.

Ups and Downs omentejovem, 2024

The crypto space itself is characterized by rapid shifts and speculative bubbles, much like the phases of the moon. omentejovem sees these cycles as integral to his life and work, acknowledging the difficulties and uncertainties they bring. “Sometimes it gets really hard to understand or the desire to be comfortable, but we should keep going on,” he reflects. This resilience and optimism are evident in ‘Ups and Downs,’ which embodies the highs and lows of both personal experience and the broader cryptoart landscape.

The Plate omentejovem, 2024

Inspiration and Evolution: From Cover Art to Fine Art

omentejovem’s journey from creating $10 cover art designs to selling unique paintings for a living illustrates his artistic evolution. His inspiration, while hard to pinpoint, stems from a lifelong love of creating things he finds “cool.” He describes this transition, saying, “I started doing cover art designs for $10. Now I sell paintings without restricted themes or images for a living, for people that just want to own something they think is cool too.

This shift reflects a broader change in the art world, where digital and cryptoart have opened new avenues for artists to monetize their work and reach global audiences. omentejovem’s success in this space underscores his adaptability and willingness to embrace new technologies and markets. His work captures the essence of contemporary digital culture, blending traditional artistic techniques with modern themes and media.

PHASES omentejovem, 2020

Conclusion: The Art of Resilience and Joy

‘Ups and Downs’ is more than a nostalgic homage to childhood and McDonald’s; it is a reflection of omentejovem’s artistic philosophy and life experiences. By embracing cycles of change and remaining true to his personal vision, he creates works that resonate on multiple levels. His art invites viewers to reflect on their own experiences, the cultural significance of familiar symbols, and the unpredictable nature of both life and the cryptoart market.

omentejovem’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and a deep-seated love for creation. As he continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital art, his work remains a beacon of personal and artistic growth, inspiring others to find beauty and meaning in their own cyclical journeys. ‘Ups and Downs’ stands as a compelling example of how personal history and broader cultural narratives can intertwine to create art that is both intimate and universally resonant.

Ups and Downs omentejovem, 2024
Author: Casey Coyle