By Harry Pack


Zionaya is a reflection on past life memories, reincarnation and soul purpose. I love to hear stories of people who remember certain things from their previous lives which later are found out to have actually happened in this reality/dimension not that long before they came into this world. I’ve read a couple of instances where the person actually existed at the same time as their other self.

The car is a memory of Zionaya who explored the extraterrestrial terrain alongside her cosmic lover Zawanduya in another lifetime, in another dimension, somewhere in the future and the past. Zawanduya devotes his life to finding and expressing his love to Zionaya, leaving as many memories and clues to help them find each other in the next lifetime.


September 23, 2023 Minted: Harry Pack
October 5, 2023 Purchased for 0.66Ξ: DeeZe