Theory Of Forms


Theory of Forms is the most iconic and widely-acclaimed piece from my “Field Of Infinity” project, captured during a two-week road trip from Chile to Bolivia, and the progenitor to my “Ex Stasis” series.

A circle of light oscillates above the pristine Salar De Uyuni as night descends. The flickering neon glow casts dramatic shadows across the translucent lake bed, merging light and land in a way that enables new perspectives for the viewer while speaking to my own unique experience within it.

This video piece is based on an original still image, looping perpetually in and out of existence, and narrates the story of an otherworldly but wholly possible version of reality.

The series was shortlisted by the 2020 Sony World Photography Awards and the book of the project has since been acquired by the Guggenheim, the Met Museum, and the MoMA.

This piece was captured with the Phase One XT IQ4 150mp field camera.

4000 x 3000 - Sound and visuals by the artist.


September 2, 2021 Minted: @itsreuben
September 3, 2021 Purchased for 27.467Ξ: @pixelpete