The Circle Of Life


Circle Of Life - a collection of a lifetime. To capture the natural journey of aging and transformation of our bodies, throughout time. //

"Our circle of life starts and ends. Those of us whom are privileged, get to experience the natural journey of aging. It is the only way possible to live a long life. It’s a journey that is different for all of us, yet it is the same. We all have our own feelings and our bodies change in a different way at a different pace. Those changes can make us feel insecure and scared but also grateful. We notice signs that are memories, happy or painful. Signs, that show how far we have come in life. Through this collection, I hope, I can feel more comfortable about the idea of aging too." - Nude Yoga Girl //

Circle Of Life collection - Roadmap and more info: One unique Circle Of Life piece will be created and minted every 5 years. My lifetime will determine how many pieces will ever exist. //


October 7, 2021 Minted: Nude Yoga Girl
October 16, 2021 Purchased for 25Ξ: @bigint