Requiem for a Dream


The horrors of the War, the abandoned people, the overall frailty, the seniority, the disregarded, the veterans; "Requiem for a Dream" tells about the relationship between society and humanity, exploring deep and delicate values.

The dummies, developed as the main character, are the typical inanimate objects humans put in cars to get data from controlled crashes. The author was interested in how this could be related to societal manipulation, great powers, and mass control.

The artwork is dedicated to Bonapace’s grandma, lying on the bed, who passed away a few weeks ago surrounded by the family. Bonapace was able to register her fragile and trembling voice which opens the Piece at death’s door, speaking about the importance of life as human beings.

The whole soundtrack is a collage of many languages of the world, reading the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

5000 x 2813 Pixel On Canvas | Video Loop | Audio


January 12, 2023 Minted: Vittorio Bonapace
January 13, 2023 Purchased for 24Ξ: Vincent Van Dough