R4G3QU1T. People refer to me as code-mame “Alf-alpha”. I represent the tip of the Non-Fungible Token Spear. I am the first one in a project upon launch and the last one seen prior to presale. I am known throughout the discor-ched earth for my willingness to do whatever it takes. I have been grinding since allowlists were whitelists and have XP booster cheats that will bot everything from Mee6 to Microsoft XP. Others fear me. I own thousands of tokens for Discord accounts and I have been known to win every XP chase I’ve ever entered - because I sacrifice my pride and will have as many conversations with myself that it takes.

I’ve been trained by the best poker players on the earth and I have written books (not yet published) on game theory.

I’ve beaten computers both physically to prove my superiority and figuratively because I am determined to win, no matter what.

I will not sleep, I will not eat. I will power my rigs with my own heart and I will endure organ failure if I still had kidneys to lose.

I will negate my moral and ethical code and “be positive” and I will send nudes - I will do whatever it takes to make the list.

This is day 420. The list has been published.
…somehow not one of my 69 accounts are on it…

Commence operation “red stapler”.


April 12, 2022 Minted: @nessgraphics
May 17, 2022 Purchased for 55Ξ: @artifaction