on Wednesday I turned my hand into schnitzel
using a steel mallet to to rid my flesh
of the bones I resented
gleefully shattering them on an old cutting board
feverishly increasing the speed and power of my swings
to the sound of my insides disintegrating
careful to pulverize
my shapeless flesh
so it was thin enough
to crisp in fryer oil
I smothered it in egg and breading
and fried it until it turned an immaculate golden brown
and applied a cranberry purée finisher
I took a picture of the perfectly plated meal
and submitted it to a food blog that didn’t exist
I fell asleep that night
with my hand leaking grease and cranberry sauce
shedding molten skin and breading
and blood into my sheets
laughing at the nerves attempting to move bones that were no longer there
I wondered if it would every do anything more important than what it had done
that night


June 16, 2023 Minted: diewiththemostlikes
June 16, 2023 Purchased for 12Ξ: Artifaction