By Goyong

Sold: 3.5 ETH


In a morning filled with dazzling sunlight, the scent of grass, and the chorus of frogs, a hungry leopard arrives at the pond. The hungry leopard perches on a rock by the pond, its eyes fixed on the water. Perhaps the leopard longs to catch fish to fill its stomach. The leopard contemplates venturing closer to the water’s edge, but uncertainty about the pond’s depth keeps its attention solely on the passing fishes. What lies beneath the seemingly tranquil surface of the pond? It seems the frogs know the secrets of the underwater world. Their croaks echo, as if revealing the secrets of the underwater world to the leopard. Yet, the leopard remains oblivious, captivated only by the fish before its eyes. Thus, the pond is filled only with the sounds of frogs and water, peaceful in its tranquility.



May 14, 2024 Minted: Goyong
May 15, 2024 Purchased for 3.5Ξ: Vincent Van Dough