Reserve: 10 ETH


"Paradise Lost” is a captivating digital artwork that offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic biblical story of Adam and Eve. Depicted in a single, powerful and eternal embrace, the artwork portrays the last moment between Adam, represented as a machine intertwined with cables and electronic devices, and Eve, depicted as a lifeless figure, naked and distorted in the moment of death.

The artwork serves as a poignant reflection on themes of love, mortality, and the intersection of humanity, nature and technology in the modern age of machines. Through meticulous attention to detail and evocative symbolism, "Paradise Lost" invites viewers to contemplate the complexity of human relationships and the enduring significance of the Adam and Eve narrative.

Adam, portrayed as a machine of cables and electronic components, cradles Eve's lifeless form in a tender yet haunting embrace. Eve's body language conveys a sense of rigidity and distortion, capturing the moment of death with visceral realism.

The juxtaposition of Adam's mechanical form with Eve's organic vulnerability serves as a potent symbol of the intersection between humanity and technology. The embrace symbolizes the timeless struggle between life and death, love and loss, and the enduring quest for meaning in an ever-changing world.

Light, shadow and composition evoke a profound emotional response from viewers. The artwork invites contemplation and introspection, encouraging viewers to explore the layers of meaning embedded within the scene and reflect on their own experiences of love, mortality, and existential uncertainty.

As viewers engage with "Paradise Lost" they are invited to confront their own perceptions of love, loss, and the human condition. The artwork serves as a catalyst for introspection, sparking conversations and reflections on the timeless themes that define our shared humanity. A powerful testament to the enduring relevance of the Adam and Eve narrative in the contemporary world. Through its striking imagery and evocative storytelling, the artwork invites viewers on a journey of contemplation and self-discovery, ultimately reminding us of the eternal truths that bind us together as human beings.


February 16, 2024 Released: Vittorio Bonapace