1/1, Counterparty, 2023

This conceptual work is an appropriation of the main image sourced from the front page of the "Satoshi Times", a publication that symbolically heralds the emergence of Bitcoin.Although the imagery is unrelated to the main title article, "Chancellor on the Brink of Second Bailout for Banks", Orange Times is meant to be a thought-provoking piece that challenges the viewer to consider historical events that were occurring adjacent to the creation of the genesis block on Jan 3, 2009. The monochromatic use of the bold orange background and the mysterious, almost cryptic imagery creates a sense of intrigue and provokes reflection of the potential for technological innovation, namely Bitcoin, to disrupt existing socio-economic systems.

72" x 40" (182cm x 102cm), Acrylic on canvas, 2023. Signed on verso.
Unframed. Exhibited at BTC23, Progressive Memetics, curated by X-Nardo & Dennis Koch.

On view at the Bitcoin Museum in Nashville.


May 3, 2023 Minted: Pepenardo
May 30, 2023 Purchased for 0.15 BTC: GigaChad Pepe