Old Moons Meet New Earth II (2021)


Time and space, remastered.

This is one of my favorite vignettes, where fragments of different personal experiences are rearticulated to recall an atemporal memory of sound and vision.

A fictional story, it was captured in camera at different times and places, combined, looped, and scored with my own audio production. Neither video nor photo, it is something non-linear and in between.

From the proceeds of this sale, I will donate a portion to the The Nori Carbon Removal Marketplace and The AAPI Community Fund to #StopAsianHate.

2160 x 2160

Music and visuals by Reuben Wu


April 1, 2021 Minted: @itsreuben
April 2, 2021 Purchased for 24.888Ξ: @_888_