GM Pepes, for all of y’all out there in the meatspace, IYKYK, but my frens call me the Brand Noobian, but a pleb, Ser, I am not. I’ll have you know that I am the ultimate NFT OG. I was the first one that aped into LL and all of the derivatives that followed. Living in the basement of my parents' house at age 38 (it's fine) I am a member of The Royal Mod Society and hail from Nagana, IRL (nagana dox myself, kek jk lol). Although my wife and kids left me, it’s only because, well…few. I guess they just weren’t on my roadmap anyways, so I delisted them. My wife would always say things like, “it’s money laundering”, or “wen family time”, or “wen will you clean the floor, or why don’t you just right-click those jpegs.” Tis the szn of 1:1s, PFPs, and ed’s, but IRL, it's all simply probably nothing. My wife just couldn’t cope with the fomo of living a life that truly looks rare, but now I owe her 50% of my liquidity. Bottom line, this is NFA, but I figured I’d suggest that you DYOR so that you can get the alpha on the drip from drops that obvii’s will go up only. This is the way, don’t get Rugged, and I’ll see you wen I’m ded. I’ve reached my Schelling point and I can’t figure out wen moon. I’ll see you in Valhalla after my shift at McDonald’s.



October 4, 2021 Minted: @nessgraphics
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