In this piece, there are 27 unique song combinations, with three music, drum, and vocal track state changes. The honey badger will give a visual cue of what vocal track is selected by the positioning of its head, while the background is determined by the selected music state change. The drum machine lies beneath the badger as it bangs on the analog buttons to create the percussion for each track. The honey badger is an early mascot in the ₿itcoin world and represents the unstoppable force that ₿itcoin and the entire ecosystem represent. ₿orn Unique and Kaimbr rap on the "Proof Of Work (Potomac Kings)" song, Willie Waze performs "Rug Pull" and Kane Mayfield drops in for "Cryptnology."


May 22, 2021 Minted: RARESCRILLA
September 30, 2021 Transferred to: Studio Nouveau