Vittorio Bonapace x Yat Labs & SuperRare.

The very long-awaited moment is expressed in a dystopian and retro-futuristic toy-robot story. It doesn't really matter where, how, or who. Celebrating unconditioned love is the main message.

Vittorio Bonapace depicts a story totally inspired by the Emoji's world. The SuperRare's Diamond and the Framed Picture Yat, together with the Robot itself are the main characters of the Artwork. Everywhere: Smileys, hearts, rockets, and various signs. "Smiley Avenue" is the bus stop where everything happens. The whole emoji package is represented in a photographic and realistic way, as we're fully immersed in a device.

On a second level, we find the connection and disconnection - surrounding themes - to express technology issues and social networks, with more profound thinking about relationships and emotions.

All the pollution, trash, and dirty environment are up to a common sense of degradation, contrastingly with the sweet and happy videogame "Wedding march" music written by Vittorio himself. ||

Crafted with 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Z-Brush, Itoo Software, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and After Effects

|| Pixels on Screen | Ultra HD 5000x5000 px | Video Loop | Audio


September 26, 2021 Minted: Vittorio Bonapace