Light-Space Modulator (Aeroglyph AE1460)


Geometry of light, arithmetic of sound

The core concept of Aeroglyphs is to show the tension between the "immaterial geometry of luminous forms with the solid, rocky, fluid, icy concreteness of a deserted world". (ProfessorJun)

Aeroglyphs are a new form of Land Art that leaves the environment unscathed and aims to leave zero trace. Glyphs hover in the air like beacons. They feel simultaneously ancient and futuristic, mythic and surreal, dreamed and remembered.

This particular piece shows my inspiration and takes its title from László's Moholy-Nagy's artwork of the same name; a sculpture "used for demonstrating both plays of light and manifestations of movement."

It is my goal to create art that is meaningful as well as beautiful, to make the viewer stop and think about their own existence in the world we inhabit.

2700 x 2160px sound & visuals by the artist


September 13, 2022 Minted: Reuben Wu
December 17, 2022 Purchased for 26Ξ: Artifaction