Future Foundry


The year 2492: Mike, a 39 years old man, is a worker at the Future Foundry, the biggest foundry in the industrial area of Night Valley. He makes sure no toxic waste is generated through material quality control. He lives in a small apartment nearby, paid for by the corporation, with his wife, his daughter, and their cat, Lilo. Every day, except on Sunday, the alarm rings at 6 AM; Mike wakes up, has breakfast, and drives the company flying car all the way to the foundry, where he earns a monthly wage of 1 ETH. At 7 AM he swipes his badge, and he works till 2 PM, which is lunchtime. The lunch break consists of two hours off, two sandwiches, and a bottle of still water, kindly offered by the corporation. At 4 PM Mike will go back to work, till 9 PM; the foundry will then close and he will drive his way home. Mike is happy about being able to grant his family a decent living. Mike is happy about working for such a great company. Mike is happy about his life.


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