By Anna Malina


Long Live The Old Flesh For Fantasy

:: “We say the eye is the window of the soul. But what if there is no soul behind the eye?” - Slavoj Žižek in 'The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema' ('s_guide_to_cinema_21058)

:: “Imagine an eye unruled by m̶̾̅̀̏͜ḁ̶̺̈̅̕n̷͓̳̼͓̎̀̓-made laws of perspective, an eye unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure of perception. How many colors are there (...)? How many rainbows can light create for the untutored eye? How aware of variations in heat waves can that eye be? Imagine a world alive with incomprehensible objects and shimmering with an endless variety of movement and innumerable gradations of color. Imagine a world before the ‘beginning was the word’. (...) Elimination of all fear is in sight — (...) allowing that mankind always finds derogatory terminology for that which doesn't appear to be readily usable, (...).” - Stan Brakhage: Metaphors on Vision (

:: {2024}
:: filth & scraps on sticky tape on inkjet prints of a digital video self-portrait, paper collage animation, sounds made with melobytes image to music tool, further edited in audacity
:: if i use the scraps and filth that amassed at my work desk and in my living space for my art, is that art low or high effort? ~


May 29, 2024 Minted: Anna Malina
June 20, 2024 Purchased for 0.3Ξ: awHECK