Fancy Thieves is the tenth installment of the Evil In Colour Series. The Evil In Colour series tells stories of the Deville Crime Family and connected parties through art inspired by Pop-Precisionism, which is a blend of the Pop Art, Precisionism, & Realism movements.

Fancy Thieves explores the idea of thievery in art. What is stealing? It’s my belief that all great artists are led in some capacity by everything we’ve ever absorbed. Great art doesn’t exist without inspiration. To get this point across I want to borrow what I think is the most iconic and recognizable style in the crypto art world, XCOPY’s. This piece is an homage to the legend.

I look at the Deville Crime Family as fancy thieves as well. High-class criminals in fancy suits. In Fancy Thieves they’re depicted checking out the priceless piece of art they stole in the trunk of a car.

“I’m the fanciest thief you’ll ever know because you’ll never know.”


December 22, 2022 Minted: Terrell Jones
December 24, 2022 Purchased for 17.69Ξ: MysterioNFT