Duality of a Never Ending Story


The experience of the self-created by the split of the observer and what is observed through the intellect and the objects it perceives is in fact all transient and a result of the projection of the one reality, which is ultimately absolute and the only universal reality where every element seems to go through birth, life and apparent death, which in reality is nothing but the infinite transmutation of infinite energy appearing in forms.
This split is beautiful as it seems to create indefinite stories within each and all...perfectly interwoven.

The Artwork is a commission by Kenshiro. While we were discussing about the direction, Kenshiro asked me if I would love to dive in and create my interpretation of the never-ending story, which is an extremely influential and deep part of his journey. For me, the never-ending story is a beautiful analogy of the synthesis of life beyond the personal identification itself. Even the unity of life can seem to be a distinct separation, which is the beauty of this incredible dance.


June 18, 2021 Minted: @archannair
June 18, 2021 Purchased for 8Ξ: @kenshiro