dave matthews band dumps 800 lbs of human waste on boat tour


some people cried
because it was raining shit
but it always rained shit
so I didn’t care too much
we were the accumulation
of someone else’s excess
so the malnourished bowels
and dehydrated urine
were seeds for creation
or adhesive for the sausage skin
containing the lips and holes left behind

and in between waves
we sensed relief
as though receiving sacrament
the body and blood of our savior
was fiber void diets
and domestic beers
and songs about satellites
for those who never looked up

later that night
we washed the shit and piss
into the drain
with a molting of unrealized dreams
and went to sleep

thinking about how nothing really happened anymore
and it took a tour of someone else’s memories
to create one of our own


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