CR4SH… Conspiracy in the Bahamian Seas. Extradition and wire fraud, Chapter 11, FTX + FTW + FUD = FUBAR. Sam Bankman Fried, like a Kentucky Chicken. Portfolios of crypto-relics turned Cheerios.

Markets crash, bubbles pop, flippers flip, and ultimately flop. “Flushing out the bad actors,” they say, as I puke excitedly. This much I know, Art is Security.

NessGraphics engulfs a desolate Japanese street in organized chaos. A calamity of flashing lights, falling rain, and debris are carefully staged throughout the frenzied scene.

"With my art, I try to recreate the feeling of being overwhelmed but not being able to look away. Almost being hypnotized by the feeling of being there.”


December 15, 2022 Released: Ness Graphics 50 editions