Confession I: I don’t want to hide anymore.


Under clandestine masks and shadowy spells of darkness lies deeper depths waiting to be discovered. It is not secrecy I long for, rather a world I need not hide from. What crave I more than safety? And what more is this body than a hollow housing for the softer parts of me? If my feet leave ground for sky, tell me, am I truly in more danger?

The wind watches without compulsion to control, the water whispers utterances, undressing my spirit garbed and guarded. The sky slips beneath me, the fog forming fortresses free of hands that would harm. Together we bask, birthing this brave new world etched in ephemera, damning any thought of return.


June 13, 2024 Minted: Drift
June 20, 2024 Purchased for 1.2Ξ: Jonathan Little