Choices & Consequences

By P1A


A bright white in the darkness formed the void of possibilities
In the womb's deep chamber, secrets take root,
Two sides balance, in life's delicate pursuit.
The choices you made, and the consequences sown,
They lock eyes, in silence, their dance has grown.

Harmony ascends, like a melodious song,
Tales unfold softly, as the void grows long.
By the confidants near, their stories alight,
Shining in the middle of the quiet of night.

The balance emerges, in nature's grand scheme,
Where symbols and meanings find their body.
A gleaming white sheath in the void's vast sea,
In the realm of endless possibilities, they'll forever be.


September 24, 2023 Minted: P1A
October 5, 2023 Purchased for 1.692Ξ: Srikanth Minnam